Everything you need to know about the Dojo-Haus

♣ = The tenants bring along themselves.

Important | Covid-19 measures

Update | Measures | East Belgium:

What?Where?From when?
Thorough cleaning serviceProfessional cleanersBetween each rental
Paper towelsToilet sink8 June 2020
Paper basketToilet sink8 June 2020
Hand soapToilet sink8 June 2020
Hand soapKitchen sink8 June 2020
Hand soapEifeler Stube8 June 2020
Hand soapDojo-Bar8 June 2020
Disinfectant detergentPantry8 June 2020
Disinfectant detergentKitchen15 June 2020
Disinfectant detergentEifeler Stube15 June 2020
Disinfectant detergentDojo-Bar15 June 2020
Hand disinfection with pumpEntrance Hall15 June 2020
Hand disinfection with pump1st floor15 June 2020
Contactless hand disinfectionEntrance Hall10 July 2020
Contactless hand disinfection1st floor10 July 2020
Disinfectant tissuesEifeler Stube15 June 2020
Disinfectant tissuesDojo-Saal15 June 2020
Disinfectant sprayAt the caretaker’s15 June 2020
Back-up productsAt the caretaker’s15 June 2020



The Dojo-Haus complies with the legislation on accessibility: a ramp for wheelchair users, broad doors, low light switches, adapted bathroom…


The Dojo-Haus is situated at 412 meters above sea level. This is the centre of the village and close to the lowest point of the village. When you hike up to the edge of the village, you might ascend to an altitude of about 500 meters.


The Dojo-Haus is a house for both people with dogs and people with allergies. Would you like to bring your dog? Get in touch with the owners to discuss any possibilities and restrictions. In case of a dog:
– maximum two;
– in the living area only;
– the Dojo-Saal is completely dog-free.


Weekend: Friday between 16:00 – 18:00
Midweek: Monday between 16:00 – 18:00
Week: Friday between 16:00 – 18:00

Execute the steps of the arrival checklist you will either find above the information table in the Dojo-Haus or in the practical details e-mail you will have received.


All rooms have dustfree floors. One bedroom only, Der Frühling, has artificial grass and real willow on the walls. There is only one carpet in the house: a cow hide in front of the fireplace.

See also: carpet, floor



For two babies the Dojo-Haus has:
– two cots
– two baby chairs in the kitchen
– two baby chairs in the Dojo-Saal
– baby plates and cutlery


Bäckerei Schaus
Zur Kaiserbaracke 14
4780 RECHT
Telephone: + 32 474 32 68 30
Open on Wednesdays and Fridays | take orders also

Rechter Backstube
Jochen Theis
Zur Kaiserbaracke 15 A
4780 RECHT
Telephone: + 32 80 57 02 50
Possibility to have breakfast, brunch or lunch over there


Zur Kaiserbaracke 10/B
4780 RECHT
Telephone: + 32 80 57 93 00


The Dojo-Haus has two bars: one in the Eifeler Stube and one in the Dojo-Bar. Each bar has a fridge, glasses and stools. The beer taps are now merely decoration and a reminder of the old pub days.

See also: drinking and catering

Bbq or barbecue

There is a small and a large barbecue tenants can use in the east-facing or the south-facing gardens. They are usually found in the entrance hall or in the cellar. The guests clean the bbq upon having used it. There is a special grill brush in the house.


One bedroom has a bath instead of a shower. This old bathtub was derelict and left abandoned in the attic. We have renovated it, inside out. It is ready for a new lease of life.


The Dojo-Haus has eight bathrooms. Each bathroom has a toilet, a sink and a shower or bathtub.
– Each bathroom belongs to a bedroom.
– One bedroom has an open bath and a separate toilet.
– The wheelchair accessible bedroom on the ground floor has a bathroom which is not adjacent, but has all necessary accessibility features.
♣ The tenants bring along their personal bath linen or hire a bath linen set (as of 2019).

Bed linen

The Dojo-Haus has two double beds, eight single beds and four bunk beds. Four rooms have two single beds of the same size and whoch can be pushed together, i.e. be used as either twin beds or double beds.
– single as twin beds: matras 90×200; duvet 140×200
– single as double beds: 2 x matras 90×200; duvet 220×240
– bunk bed: matras 90×200; duvet 140×200
– double bed: matras 180×200; duvet 220×240
– water bed: duvet 220×240; [Because the waterbed mattress is not standard, the Dojo-Haus provides an appropriate mattress cover]
♣ Tenants bring their own bed linen along: mattress cover (except for the water bed),  pillow cover (1 per person) and duvet covers. Or, hire a bed linen set (as of 2019).


There are eight bedrooms, each with a bathroom:
2 rooms for two persons in a double bed
4 rooms for two persons in twin beds (two boxsprings) which can be pushed together (the twin rooms have two single duvets and one double duvet)
2 rooms for four persons: each room has two bunk beds

Each room has a small desk, a chair, a clothes rack, wooden hangers, a clothes hook, night stands, reading lights, a linen trunk, a dustbin and a black curtain. For a good night’s sleep: the rooms can be made really dark.
♣  The tenants bring along their own bed linen or hire a bed linen set (as of 2019).


Prepare your stay: allocate rooms and beds to your group members.


Online Route Planner for hikers and bikers with an app for Android and Apple. The info desk in the hallway of the Dojo-Haus offers you more information.

AT Bike in Waimes has bycicles you can hire: + 32 80 678 382,

Bowling alley

On the south side there is a small, long building. It is the old bowling alley. Because it is in ruins, it is not accessible. Bowling (kegeln) is very popular in Recht: there is a bowling alley (Kegelbahn) in the local restaurant, STI’NE, and at the local pub, Zum Stivel.


See Baker


Reinhold Dannemark-Michels
St.Vither Weg 2
4780 RECHT
Telephone: + 32 80 57 00 30



Campsites in the area:

4 km | Camping Waldesruh

7 km | Camping Oos Heem

9 km | St. Vith camper van parking

10 km | Camping Wiesenbach

13 km | Camping Hohenbusch

15 km | Malmedy camper van parking

Car park

There are eleven parking spaces, one for people with reduced mobility, one for emergency services and one for short parking (for example to load or unload).
Although the car park is private, visitors of the village church or fairgrounds sometimes park at the Dojo-Haus. It is an old custom that originates from the era of the former Eifeler Hof. This is why there are signs or you can close the car park with a chain.


There are no carpets in the entire house. One exception: a cow hide in front of the fireplace.


Eifel Drink Bütgenbach / St.Vith – Drink Factory Malmedy
Rektor-Cremer Straße 58
Telephone: + 32 80 39 98 99

Laurent Piront Traiteur
Rue d’Eupen 6
Telephone: + 32 80 67 91 45

Partyservice Schmidt
Bahnhofstraße 5
Telephone: + 32 80 643 068

Rechter Backstube
Jochen Theis
Zur Kaiserbaracke 15 A
4780 RECHT
Telephone: + 32 80 57 02 50

Dorfstraße 5
4780 RECHT
Telephone: + 32 80 570 356

CD player

There is a CD player.
♣ The tenants bring their own CDs along.


In most rooms there is a wooden chair. The chairs are from the pub of the former Eifeler Hof. They were carefully chosen, cleaned and painted. They are now ready for a new lease of life.

Champagne glasses

The bar in the Eifeler Stube and the Dojo-Bar each contain twenty champagne glasses.


See: pharmacie


For small children there are two cots and four high chairs.


The Saint Aldegundis church dates from 1732 and is a listed monument. The Dojo-Haus facade and the lime tree next to the car park belong to this listed monument view. There is a service on many Sundays at 10:15. People sometimes park on the Dojo-Haus car park.

See also: car park


There are three coffee makers, a coffee machine and two Senseo machines.
♣ The tenants bring ground along ground coffee and coffee filter bags for the coffee makers, coffee beans for the coffee machine or coffee pads for the Senseo machines.

Collect and go – Colruyt

Tip: Order your groceries before you leave on and collect the order in the Colruyt in Malmédy (Avenue des Alliés 2, 4960 Malmédy).

Communication seminar

See: seminar

Company seminar

See: seminar


Deep fryer

The deep fryers have been removed for safety and insurance reasons.


Weekend: Monday till 10:00.
Midweek: Friday till 10:00.
Week: Friday till 10:00.

Execute the steps of the departure checklist you will either find above the information table in the Dojo-Haus or in the practical details e-mail you will have received.


9 out of 10 guests in the Dojo-Haus get 100 % of their deposits back. Why? Because they treat the house and the furniture with respect, sweep the house, put everything in place, clean the dishes, wash the used kitchen appliances, sort the waste, empty the trash cans, lock the containers and close the groundflour curtains. Tip: use the checklist above the information table in the house.


There is a dish washer in the kitchen and in the Dojo-Bar.
♣ The tenants bring along their dishwasher tablets.


The big room can be turned into a dojo for eastern martial arts: a kamiza, a tiled floor, 48 tatami mats, two changing rooms, a stage, a smart-tv, a glassboard on wheels, tables, chairs, coaches, a bar and a zen corner.


Doctor Luc Massenaux
An der Mühle 2
4780 RECHT
Telephone: + 32 80 57 05 30

St. Josef Hospital
Klosterstraße 9
Telephone: + 32 80 854 411


See: animals


The tenants bring along their drinks and food. Or, they visit local restaurants, tea rooms adn pubs. There are four fridges spread throughout the Dojo-Haus.

See also: bar and catering


See: pharmacie

DVD player

There is a DVD player.
♣  The tenants bring their own DVDs along.



How to eat in the house with a large group:

Tip 1 | slide the large rectangular table in the kitchen away from the wall and use the bench.
Tip 2 | extend the round table in the kitchen into a longer oval table.
Tip 3 | eat in the Dojo-Saal and use the trolleys back and forth between kitchen and Dojo-Saal.
Tip 4 | use the crockery in the white cupboard in the Dojo-Saal and the dishwasher in the Dojo-Bar.
Tip 5 | place the room screens between the dining area and the rest of the Dojo-Saal in order to make the dinner in the room cozy.
Tip 6 | press the lighting buttons in the Dojo-Saal to dim the lights.

Eifeler Hof

The Dojo-Haus used to be the Eifeler Hof. The Eifeler Hof in Recht was an inn with nine rooms and one bathroom until the mid seventies. It then became a popular local pub with a huge venue for parties (for matches, hatches and despatches). The renovated hallway contains some memorabilia. The Dojo-Bar houses an antique light up sign for Diekirch beer. It used to hang outside at the facade.

Emergency call

Emergency number 112
St. Josef hospital, St.Vith, + 32 80 854 411

There are three telephones in the Dojo-Haus for three-digit emergency numbers only.


The Dojo-Haus complies with the legislation for fire protection and safety. Very special is the double entrance door to the Dojo-Saal for evacuation in case of emergency: it always opens inside out, even when it is locked.

See also: fire protection

Events in the area

What is going on in  the area? Visit

Events in the Dojo-Haus

The big Dojo-Saal is a multifunctional venue for small and bigger events.
Available for 40 people: chairs, large tables [10], cutlery, glasses, plates…
(The maximum capacity is 160 people.) With some hyperlinks to pictures and details:
Hall, stage, bar [decorative beer taps (out of order), fridge, dishwasher, 1 Senseo coffee machine, 1 coffee machine, 1 water boiler, 10 bar stools, dockingstation for Bluetooth, USB, cable, SD-card or radio],  3 toilets, cosy corner, private car park [10 Autos], public car park nearby, south-facing garden, east-facing garden and patio, kitchen [2 furnaces, 2 ovens, fridge, small freezer, dishwasher, 2 coffee machines, 1 water boiler, 2 trolleys], wheelchair-friendly, wifi, smart-tv [instead of a beamer], DVD, a big speaker, two microphones, glassboard on casters, printer, lighting possibilities [bright, intimate and anything in between] and a 32 A socket [3 x 380 V], black decorative nails in the walls and columns for your party decoration and screens to divide the room into cosy sections.
You will find quite some catering possibilities in the area: e.g. Restaurant Sti’ne,, and Party-Service Schmidt,


What is going on in  the area? Visit

Schieferstollen (guided) in Recht (1.5 h)
City walk guided in St. Vith (1.5 h) each Sunday at 10:30 | Reservations required by Saturday 3:30 p.m. at the Tourist Information Office in the town hall, +32 80 280 130 or touristinfo@st.vith
Salvador Dali exposition in St. Vith
History museum in St. Vith
Baugnez 44 war museum in Malmedy
Forest education walk in Rodt (2.5 km)
Planetary walk in St. Vith (6 km)


Feng Shui

The Dojo-Haus is partially designed according to the Chinese Feng Shui harmony principles.

Filling station

There is a filling station near exit 13, Kaiserbaracke 5, 4770 AMEL.


There is an electric fireplace in the Eifeler Stube (living room). The original house had no fireplace. We installed an electric fireplace during the renovation works to provide a romantic atmosphere in the room. You can dim the flames simulation. The fireplace also has a colorful LED backlight that gives the wall an attractive, colourful accent. With a simple push of the button, you can control the electric fan heater (with a power of 2000 watts), so the room gradually fills with extra heat.

Fire protection

The complete house complies with the fire protection legislation:
– The kitchen area has fireproof doors.
– There are ample fire extinguishers present.
– Signs show emergency exits and/or measures.
– There are three emergency telephones (in case your cell phone is empty or has no connection).


Downstairs has the original flooring in most places, except for the toilet area, the wet room and the downstairs bedroom. Upstairs has the original wooden flooring with some renovated patches. Because the wood is probably pine, it is too weak to be left bare. Therefore, we have covered it with new appropriate flooring. For hygienic purposes, we have chosen flooring which is cleans easily and hardly gathers dust.


The tenants bring along their own foodstuffs and drinks. They can also go to local restaurants, tea rooms and pubs.


The Dojo-Haus combines the best of two worlds: the centre of a village and a short distance to 360° nature. Choose whatever direction, you will soon see wonderful views or smell delightful forests.


The kitchen has a 45 liter freezer.


See: village


Guest book

The info desk in the hallway contains a guest book. You can add a guest book entry online as well.


The municipal glass container stands in the village graveyard car park (Zur Ochsenbaracke). The guests bring their glass to this glass container.


See: doctor



Online Route planner for hikers and bikers with an app for Android and Apple. The infodesk in the hallway contains practical and local details.


St. Josef hospital
Klosterstraße 9
Telephone: + 32 80 854 411

Hotels in the area

Restaurant-Brasserie-Hotel Le Cyrano
Rue de la Gare 25
Telephone: + 32 80 67 99 89

Ferme Refat
Refat 8
Telephone: + 32 496 866 652

Hauptstraße 7
Telephone: + 32 80 22 86 63

Hotel Steineweiher
Rodter Straße 32
Telephone: + 32 80 22 72 70

Zum Buchenberg
Vielsalmer Straße 10
4780 RODT
Telephone: + 32 80 22 88 57

Hotel Zur Post
Hauptstraße 39
Telephone: + 32 80 22 80 27

House rules

The landlord offers the Dojo-Haus and the tenant accepts the Dojo-Haus In the state as it stands, in good condition of maintenance, safety, hygiene and habitability. There is an inventory In each room. The property complies with the federal and the local laws and decrees that apply.

The tenant and the group of guests who accompany them will be the caretakers of the Dojo-Haus during their letting period. They will respect the Dojo-Haus and the tranquillity of the surroundings. The tenant and their group of guests comply with the following house rules.

  • Transfer – The tenant must inform their group of guests of all the house rules.
  • Number of persons for overnight stay – The maximum of 22 Persons (including 2 babies) should not be exceeded.
  • Number of persons in the Dojo-Saal – There are facilities for 40 people. For fire safety the Dojo-Saal may not exceed the maximum of 100 persons.
  • Respect – Respect for the house, the stuff in the house, the gardens, the car park and the neighbourhood. Night noise (22:00-7:00) is forbidden in Belgium.
  • Fire – Smoking and making fire (candles, fireworks…) inside the house is absolutely forbidden. Fireworks outdoors is forbidden.
  • Safety features – The fire extinguishers and the safety features are to be used only for which they are Intended.
  • Technical provisions – The technical provisions, even when (still) reachable, such as service taps on water piping, should not be operated. The temperature control on the thermostats is an exception.
  • Wiped clean – The tenant and their group of guests leave the Dojo-Haus wiped clean and back in a neat condition.
  • Garbage waste – The tenant empties the separate garbage bins and sorts waste as indicated in the Dojo-Haus.
  • To bring along at least – The tenant will bring at least bed linen, bath linen, kitchen linen and soaps. There is a minimum of toilet paper and soaps available (e.g. dish washer). It is a self-catering house, i.e. the tenant brings food and drink along. There are several shopping and dining options in the area.
  • Pets – Pets are not allowed in the Dojo-Saal. After consultation with the landlord, a maximum of two dogs are allowed in the living area.
  • Damage by tenant – The tenant will spontaneously report any damage they have caused to the landlord or their authorised representative. The tenant pays the related repair or replacement costs within seven days after the end of the letting period. The tenant is liable for the damage caused by them or by their accompanying group of guests, even if the damage is detected during the check round of the Dojo-Haus and the premises upon their departure.
  • Notification – The tenant reports any shortcomings, incomplete inventory, material damage, etc. in or around the Dojo-Haus to the landlord or their authorized representative immediately.
  • Immediate termination – At failure to comply with the agreement and the house rules, the landlord has the right to evacuate and deny access to the rented property during the remainder of the letting period. In that case, there will be no refund to the tenant.
  • Departure – The tenant will see to it that the departure checklist tasks are executed properly. Infringements of this will be subject to charging supplementary costs.


Indoor garden

See also: zen garden


The hallway houses an infodesk with practical information on several topics.


Need some inspiration to programme your stay at the Dojo-Haus? Discover our Dojo-Haus programme.


There is wifi in the whole house.


The tenants receive an inventory of Dojo-Haus. The tenants make sure they leave everything in the state in which it was found upon arrival. In many rooms, there is a table of contents. Important:
– Is there any loss or damage? Please report it to the owner.
– Is there a deviation from the inventory? Please report it before 10.00 a.m. on the day upon arrival.


There is an iron and an ironing board in the pantry next to the kitchen.



The Dojo-Saal has a big speaker with a smart tv. Possible connections: audio cable, USB and bluetooth.
♣ The guests bring their own microphone along.

Kitchen linen

There are some (disposable) kitchen towels for emergencies.
♣ The tenants bring along there own kitchen linen.

Kitchen appliances

A fridge, a small deep freezer, a dishwasher, two ovens, two furnaces, a microwave, two toasters, a kitchen robot, two filter coffee machines, a coffee bean coffee machine, a hot water kettle, three table grills and a citrus press.



There is a washing machine and a tumble dryer in the basement. There is also some washing powder.


The Dojo-Haus has a number of books, comic strips and magazines in several languages and for different age groups.


The lighting in the toilets, bathrooms and corridors automatically switch on and off thanks to motion sensors. The lights in the Dojo-Saal can be dimmed by pressing the button.

Listed monument

The Dojo-House facade and the lime tree (a peace tree) next to the car park are listed. The church is a listed monument as well.  The former Dojo-Haus, the Eifeler Hof, was bombed at the end of the Second World War and immediately rebuilt.


See: restaurants, eating



Most devices have a concise manual in four languages. The complete manuals are available on the online manual page.

Martial arts seminar

See: dojo


The Dojo-Saal is the perfect place for meetings, training courses and seminars: stage, smart-tv, glassboard on wheels, tables, chairs, couches, bar and zen corner.

Meter reading

The costs for electricity, water and heating are included in the price and most of the time subtracted from the caution sum.

Mobile phone

Proximus has a good reception in the village. The other mobile Phone operators often have a weak signal or no signal at all. This is why the house has three telephones:
– outbound calls – emergency calls only (112)
– inbound calls – to be reached under + 32 80 68 41 30


The Dojo-Haus has several a big speaker in the Dojo-Saal and docking stations with a radio and interfaces for USB, Bluetooth, audio cable or SD cards.
♣ The tenants bring along their own music carriers.



The Dojo-Haus sleeps twenty people in eight bedooms. It sleeps two wheelchair users and there is room for two babies in addition.



Brigitte Samain
Burg 5
4780 RECHT
Telephone: + 32 80 57 00 36


The Dojo-Haus is in the Weiherstraße. Weiher means pond. Indeed, there is a pond in the neighbourhood (1,4 km, the Poteauer Straße). There is also a playground and a riding school near the pond.


There is a colour laser printer with wifi connection.
♣  The tenants bring their A4-paper along.


There is a huge smart tv which can project slideshows. You can connect your laptop or tablet by using wifi, a VGA cable or an HDMI cable.
♣ The tenants bring along their multimedia devices: laptop, tablet…


There is a local pub two houses away:
Zum Stivel
Dichrod 1 A
4780 RECHT
Telephone: + 32 80 57 01 62



The radio of East Belgium, BRF1, is available on 88,50 FM.


We have renovated and refurbished the Dojo-Haus with respect and equipped it with the latest technologies. Even though that may not have been successful throughout, we have done everything we had in our power to make the house safe, comfortable and beautiful. Therefore, we hope that the tenants can enjoy the house as satisfied, respectful guests.


Restaurant-Brasserie-Hotel Le Cyrano
Rue de la Gare 25
Telephone: + 32 80 67 99 89

Hauptstraße 7
Telephone: + 32 80 22 86 63

Malmedyer Strasse 53
Telephone: + 32 80 22 80 22
The kitchen of chef Ricarda Grommes received a Michelin star. On top of this, she was awarded Belgian female chef of the year 2017.

Dorfstraße 5
4780 RECHT
Telephone: + 32 80 570 356

Zum Buchenberg
Vielsalmer Straße 10
Telephone: + 32 80 22 88 57 

Zur alten Mühle
Clairie und Edgard Heinen-Henkes
Wiesenbachstraße 65
Telephone: + 32 80 228 442

Zur Post
Hauptstraße 39
Telephone: + 32 80 22 80 27
The kitchen of chef Eric Pankert received a Michelin star and 16 GaultMillau points.


Motorway E42 Liège-Verviers-Trier, exit 12 or 13, village Recht, opposite the church.


Prepare your stay: allocate rooms and beds to your group members.



Whoever visits Recht should also visit the Schieferstollen. It used to be a bluestone mine and is now a museum worth a visit Tip: bring a warm outfit along. The constant temperature there is 7 °C.


The screens in the big Dojo-Saal are available to divide the big room into cosy sections. E.g. a section for the youngsters to play and a section for the whole group to eat.


The Dojo-Saal can be used for both company/organisation and sports seminars:

Looking for a seminar?
– Greet Training offers several seminars in German, English and Dutch. For instance: how to communicate assertively or leadership skills. Further details on
– Groups interested is eastern martial arts are welcome for a martial arts seminar.

See also: meetings


See: supermarkets, baker, butcher…


For those who like sleeping in total darkness:

Tip 1 | close both the roller blind and the hanging curtains in the bedroom.
ip 2 | close the roller blind of the window on the corridor of the first floor.
ip 3 | hang a towel or a coat over the coat rack at the door and thus in front of the windows of the door.
ip 4 | close the sliding door to the bathroom.


Smoking is forbidden in the Dojo-Haus. There are two cosy places outside where you will find ashtrays:
– the patio (eastside);
– the platform in front of the Dojo-Saal entrance.


There is more snow in the Belgian Eifel than in other parts of Belgium.
Winter car tip: ride winter tyres and choose exit 13.
Winter sports tip: there are two cross-country ski runs nearby (Tomberg in Rodt; Houyres-Baugnez in Malmédy).

See also: snow shovel

Snow shovel

It is foreseen that someone will ensure that the car park and the pavement remain snow-free. For urgent situations: there is a snow shovel in the outside storage room to the left of the main Dojo-Saal entrance.

Sports seminar

See: seminar, dojo


The Dojo-Saal has a stage with a curtain.


The Eifeler Stube was a local pub until a few years ago. To honour the pub history, we named the living room Eifeler Stube, derived from Eifeler Hof.


The Dojo-Haus is an Eifel house that was renovated by the Vansteenland-De Baets family in 2015 and 2016. The style consists of, among other things, natural stone from the Belgian Eifel, bluestone from the Schieferstollen in Recht and wood from the Flemish village of Lembeke. The living area is Eifel style in a modern jacket. The Dojo-Saal found inspireation in the Far East.


A few shops are open on Sunday: the bakers. In Amel and Sankt Vith:

Amel: AD Delhaize
Sankt Vith:
AD Delhaize, from 9:00 till 13:00.
Brico, from 9:00 till 12:00.
The easiest road: E42 direction Trier/Luxemburg, exit 15, Luxemburger Straße (Sankt Vith Süd).


There is a mini market in the village:

Kaufhaus Schommer
Dorfstraße 17
4780 RECHT

Opening hours big supermarkets in the area:
till 19:00, on Saturdays till 18:30: Carrefour, St. Vith.
till 19:00, on Saturdays till 19:00: Brico, Aldi, AD Delhaize, St. Vith.
till 20:00, on Saturdays till 19:00: Lidl, St. Vith.
till 20:00, on Fridys till 21:00: Colruyt, Malmédy (+ Collect and Go).



The big room can be transformed into a dojo for eastern martial arts. It has 48 tatami mats of 4 cm.


There are three telephones in the Dojo-Haus with two functions:
– outbound calls – emergency calls only (112)
– inbound calls – phone number + 32 80 68 41 30


Outside the main Dojo-Saal entrance there is a thermometer.

Toilet paper

To have smooth start there is toilet paper: two rolls per toilet (10 toilets).


There are toys and games available for several age groups.


Most bedrooms have a black leather trunk. They contain blankets and duvets. Couples in a twin bedroom can push the beds together and take a double duvet out of the trunk.

The house has some grey trunks with games and pasttime objects.

The Dojo-Saal has a big red trunk with kamiza stuff.


The Eifeler Stube has a digital tv (Proximus).
The Dojo-Saal has a smart tv with internet connection.



The Dojo-Haus is in the middle of the village, in between houses. Tip: look between the houses and see the distant views of nature.


The village of Recht offers several services, has some dining locations and lies in the middle of nature. The villagers are exceptionally friendly. Some tips:

  • Say Guten Morgen, Guten Tag or Bejour as a greeting.
  • Say Tschüß when saying goodbye.

Things often happen in the village, e.g. the village fair every last weekend of September.
Visit the website while planning your stay:



The tenants sort their waste and throw it in the designated containers at the end of their stay:

  • The municipal glass container at the back of the village graveyard (Zur Ochsenbaracke).
  • PMD, which stands for plastic bottles, metal cans and brik packaging, in the car park container.
  • Paper and cardboard in the car park container.
  • Residual, general waste in the car park container.


The ground floor bedroom has a waterbed. Because the mattress is a non-standard size, the Dojo-Haus provides an appropriate mattress cover.
♣ The tenants bring their bed linen along: two pillow covers and a double duvet cover. Or, hire a bed linen set (2019).


The weather forecast for Sankt Vith:


There is wifi (WLAN) everywhere in the house.
♣ The tenants bring along their laptops, tablets…

Wheelchair users

The ground floor is accessible for wheelchair users: there is a designated parking space, a slope towards the entrance, wide doors, no stairs, a double room with waterbed, an accessible bathroom with shower, toilet and sink.


There is a red glassboard on wheels. Markers are available.


Zen garden

There is a zen garden with cosy zen corner on the mezzanine of the Dojo-Saal. Because the indoor garden does not get much daylight, it is difficult to use real plants. However, we have tried to give it as much zen garden radiation as possible. This quiet corner offers seats, books and the like.