The Belgian Eifel

Nature parks – three countries – nice weather
bad weather – for children
South of the High Fens

Nature parks

Three countries

  • Germany – border at 20 km (12.4 miles) – Prüm, Trier, Bitburg, Monschau, Aachen
  • Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – border at 25 km (15.5 miles) – Wiltz, Esch, Diekirch

Nice weather

Recht is surrounded by nature and woods:

  • Hiking trails and cycle tracks (online routeplanner).
  • The Rechter Weiher (pond): 1.4 km/0.87 miles (at the roundabout, down the Poteauer Straße).

Recht is a short distance from these beautiful places:

  • Rodt: 11 minutes’ drive. Beer museum, more than 3,000 kinds of beer.
  • Sankt-Vith: 13 minutes’ drive. Little German-speaking town.
  • Malmédy: 15 minutes’ drive. Nice little French-speaking town.
  • Wiesenbach: 15 minutes’ drive. Swimming pool, playground, restaurant.
  • Stavelot: 16 minutes’ drive. The old abbey with three museums:
    • Museum of the abbey’s history
    • Museum of writer and poet Guillaume Appollinaire
    • Museum of Spa-Francorchamps
  • High Fens: 25 minutes’ drive. Protected natural area, more than 4,000 ha, many hiking tracks.
  • Robertville: 30 minutes’ drive.
    • Reinhardstein Castle.
    • The lake and dam of Robertville.
  • The waterfalls of Coo: 30 minutes’ drive. Also: Plopsa Coo.
  • Bütgenbach: 30 minutes’ drive. Worriken Center: swimming and (water) sports. Nice hiking path (about 5 km/3.11 miles) around the reservoir.
  • Trois-Ponts: 45 minutes’ drive. Games for all ages: Puzzle Planet, the world’s biggest labyrinth.

Bad weather

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.


  • Schieferstollen, a modern museum about the industrial history of the Eifel. The underground mine is open to the public and easily accessible for wheelchairs.
  • Sti’ne, skittle alley and restaurant.


  • Malmédy: 12 minutes’ drive. Ski run Houyres: cross-country skiing.
  • Rodt: 14 minutes’ drive.
    • Beer museum with more than 3,000 kinds of beer.
    • Tomberg: cross-country skiing.
  • Thermes de Spa: 30 minutes’ drive.
  • The caves of Remouchamps: 40 minutes’ drive. With safari park Monde Sauvage.
  • Krippana in Manderfeld: 45 minutes’ drive. The largest exhibition of Christmas cribs in Europe.

For children

  • Playground and pond at the Rechter Weiher: 1.4 km/0.87 miles (at the roundabout, down the Poteauer Straße).
  • Worriken Center in Bütgenbach: swimming and other (water) sports.
  • Indoor swimming pool: 5 km (3.11 miles), in Sankt Vith.
  • Indoor playground: 5 km (3.11 miles), in Malmédy.
  • Open-air swimming pool: Wiesenbach, 15 minutes’ drive.
  • Plopsa Coo: 30 minutes’ drive.